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Single Review: James Bay | Chew On My Heart

British pop sensation James Bay opens up about his relationship in new single ‘Chew On My

Heart’ as he admits “It’s an outpouring of love, and that’s a huge theme across this new music”.

The singer is famous for his heartbreaking songs such as 'Hold Back The River' and triple

platinum selling single 'Let It Go', but it seems Bay is heading in a different direction.

‘Chew On My Heart’ is the first single to be released by the Brit Award winner this year. It’s

moving and relatable lyrics abou

Single Review: Marsicans | Someone Else's Touch

Marsicans release their heartbreaking new single ‘Someone Else’s Touch’ that leaves you craving your first love.

Leeds Outfit Marsicans have released their brand new single ‘Someone Else’s Touch’ which takes you on a journey of self discovery and inconsolable heartbreak, as they drop the pop beats for a slow and dreamy ballad.

Unlike most of the upbeat material Marsicans have released in recent months, ‘Someone Else’s Touch’ is a heartbreaking, truthful and raw melodic ballad taken from their

Interview | Oli Jameson of Marsicans

Marsicans are one of the UK’s most exciting indie-rock bands with over 140,000 listeners a month on Spotify. The four piece from Leeds built an ever growing fan base with songs such as Too Good and Friends making it onto some of Spotify’s top indie playlists.

The Lowdown had the chance to speak to Oli Jameson, the guitarist from Marsicans about the release of their debut album ‘Ursa Major’ and what life has been like for the band during lockdown.

If no one has heard of Marsicans before how wou

Music Video Review: St Lundi | Heavy Words

Stripped back, raw and charming are just three words St Lundi’s new music video for single ‘Heavy Words’.

ith the release of his debut EP ‘Heavy Words’, St Lundi AKA Archie Langley has released a stunning video for the title track that serves as the perfect backdrop for the song with its minimalistic and spacious setting.

The single itself is centred around the different stages in a relationship and how emotions can change over time as people grow and develop together. The video is littered wi

Album Review: Marsicans | Ursa Major

Marsicans have finally unveiled their debut album 'Ursa Major' in all its glory and it doesn’t disappoint.

Marsicans, a four piece from Leeds have undoubtedly had a wild few years with their earlier singles ‘Too Good’ and ‘Friends’ gaining traction on Spotify and social media making them the band to watch but now with 5 years and 3 EP’s under their belt they’re back with their stunning, anthemic and highly anticipated debut album ‘Ursa Major’.

The album starts with an introduction track, the c