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Album Review // WILL JOSEPH COOK ‘Something To Feel Good About’

Indie pop sensation Will Joseph Cook releases his sophomore album Something To Feel Good About that serves as the perfect antidote to 2020.

Will Joseph Cook has become known for his upbeat indie pop tunes that can plaster a smile on even the saddest of faces and his brand new album Something To Feel Good About is just that. Glittering in catchy melodies and friendly vocals, this album is sure to have you dancing in the kitchen and anywhere else for that matter.

Live(stream): DECLAN MCKENNA // Lafayette, London

Declan McKenna lights up Kings Cross with electrifying live stream, celebrating the launch of his highly anticipated second album Zeros.

It’s no secret that we’ve missed live music but the 21-year-old was on hand to give us a live virtual experience we’ll never forget. In celebration of his second album Zeros, Declan McKenna took to the stage at London’s Lafayette to perform the album in all its glory whilst showcasing some classics from his debut album, What Do You Think About The Car?. As it’

Live(stream): WILL JOSEPH COOK // Bad Hotel

Will Joseph Cook performed Side A of Something To Feel Good About live from the Bad Hotel but you’re probably better off just buying the album on release day.

Will Joseph Cook is known for his pop melodies and happiness-inducing tracks that perfectly compliment any summer road trip. However, it seems whilst his music is undeniably addictive, his stage presence is virtually non existent. The singer dropped the first side of his upcoming album Something To Feel Good About to the delight of fans b

Album Review // THE HUNNA ‘I’d Rather Die Than Let You In’

Quintessentially rock ‘n’ roll, I’d Rather Die Than Let You In sees The Hunna mature and take control of their art becoming the masters of their own craft.

The music industry is tough on everyone not least The Hunna, from being torn apart by previous management to losing a band member earlier this year, the band has had their fair share of trials and tribulations but that hasn’t stopped them from creating a masterclass in rock ‘n’ roll and ultimately becoming the beacon of hope for young musici